Personal Styling

Fashion can be exciting. But a fashion and trend-led approach to dressing doesn’t work, because there isn’t a one-look-fits all. Clothes are about self-expression, so if we are to carry ourselves confidently, we need to dress in a way that reflects our most individual and luminary self.

For some people this comes naturally. Others need some direction from an expert – a trusted eye – to help them identify how they want to look, select the clothes that suit them and put them together in a way that makes dressing exciting and effortless.

My approach to styling someone is as much about inciting a feeling as creating a look. Over the past 20 years working as a stylist, I have seen – and continue to be amazed by – the incredible impact it has on peoples lives when they feel good in their clothes – the power it has to enhance careers, relationships and most importantly, one’s sense of self, the most important relationship of all.