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Feldenkrais for an easier life


I had intended to write about giving your wardrobe an overhaul, since this time of year is particularly great for a purge – letting go of what’s not working and creating space for the new. But yesterday I went to a Feldenkrais class and I am adamant that this miraculous method is more effective at cleansing and shifting than anything else I have ever come across. And it just so happens to be International Feldenkrais Awareness Week, so the least I can do is spread the word.


Feldenkrais (ah the beauty of the written word…I can’t pronounce it…) is a form of movement. The class starts with something simple like turning the head from side to side, then through a series of variations that become quite strange (think lots of rocking) every limb and organ and tissue joins in and after 90 minutes you are rolling around and your body is doing the most amazing things, deeply and effortlessly – and loving you for it.

feldenkrais 2

If you’re a Barry’s Boot Camp addict you’ll probably hate it. No sweat, no struggle and most of the class is spent lying down (brilliant!), but for all its subtlety and ease the result is ridiculously powerful.

I left feeling light, tall, strong and a bit giddy – with the teacher’s words ringing in my ears: “Do only what feels good. Don’t over-think it. We start with small, easy movements and build up to bigger ones because then the big stuff will be easy too.”

In a world where we (I) make life difficult, by over-thinking, over-reacting and over-complicating, Feldenkrais reminds us to take the easy route.

So today is about small steps. The wardrobe overhaul can wait till next week. Start by getting rid of one item of clothing that doesn’t make you feel good. Then try a Feldenkrais class. Now give yourself a pat on the back.

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