For great style, you need great hair

There’s nothing quite like a good haircut. You can literally feel the magic happen. You bounce out of the salon and glide down the street, feeling quite marvellous and unstoppable. Everything you try on looks good. Your boring old clothes suddenly look super-stylish. You want to go out for lunch, dinner, drinks, more drinks…oh to never have to go home and sleep on it.


Darren and I in NYC.

There are few people who can work that magic. Darren Smalley is one of them. I met him at Fourth Floor and went to him for years until he abandoned me to go and live in New York, where I continued to go for my haircuts – ridiculous, perhaps, but such is the Darren effect.

One time, after a new cut, we went for cocktails in the East Village (Darren is also a dear friend and bloody good company) and our server kept raving about my hair. I laughed along, assuming they knew each other, but after a night of her begging for my hairdresser’s number I came to realise she had no idea he was sitting next to me. She genuinely thought my hair was fantastic. It was.

You need to know that I don’t have easy hair. It’s curly (when it chooses to be), frizzy, untameable, uncool. Anyone can give it a trim and use tongs to make it look pretty, but I hate the tonged, one-look-fits-all and I’m certainly not going to spend more than about 3 minutes on it, post-salon. So I need someone who can really cut. Darren has given me short crops, long waves, heavy fringes (bangs, depending on where you come from). I’ve loved them all. Everyone I’ve sent to him has fallen for him too.

So onto the main reason for my post. Darren is coming to town. He might as well be Santa Claus. Call him. See him. Let him do whatever he wants to do to you. Trust me (and him).


Darren is coming to London

I have to credit my other hair stylist here, who I see in Darren’s long absences (he now lives in San Francisco, sees clients in New York every so often, and LA too, but it’s not easy for us to coincide). So, “j’ai deux amours…par eux toujours, mon coeur est ravi” as the song goes. The other man is Billi Currie, who owns a super-friendly urban salon of the same name in Chiltern Street. He has innate talent and years of expertise (25 years at Vidal Sassoon). I begged for his number from a stranger I spotted with great hair. She warned me that he was expensive, but worth every penny.

billi currie 2

Billi Currie on Chiltern Street, Marylebone

Think of a good haircut in cost-per-wear terms (it makes it an absolute bargain). Go see one of my boys – and then tell me you don’t feel like your christmases have all come at once.

Darren Smalley, in London now – until 10th August 2016. For appointments tel (UK) 07842 821052 or (USA) 646 670 0660. email

Billi Currie, 47 Chiltern Street, W1U 6LX. Tel 020 7486 9016.