Wardrobe Editing & Personal Shopping

Wardrobe editing: A wardrobe crammed full of random items of clothing, that you have mixed feelings about, is stressful. Conversely, a wardrobe that consists only of clothes you love and know how to wear, is liberating. It frees us up to focus on other things and affords us the luxury of having a good start to every day. In the right clothes, we feel right.

During a wardrobe edit (either at your home, or virtually over Zoom/Skype), we will go through everything item of clothing, every pair of shoes and every accessory you own, leaving no stone unturned. You’ll discover what works, what doesn’t – and most importantly, the reasons why. We’ll identify new ways of wearing things and what new items (if any) you need to ensure you have an outfit for every occasion.

Personal shopping: When you shop with an expert, you avoid making expensive mistakes. You’ll be introduced to new brands and stores, new shapes and styles, you’ll delight in the VIP experience of exclusive, private shopping suites and you can be sure that your new item will slot seamlessly into your wardrobe.

On-approval shopping (‘appro’): If time is tight and you are too busy to accompany me, I offer shopping on approval and send clothes to your home, office or hotel for you to try at your leisure. Whatever you decide not to keep will simply be collected at a time that suits you – it’s the ultimate in luxury and a completely hassle-free shopping experience.


To talk through your needs and to find out how personal styling can help you, contact me

“The new clothes have been great – it’s been so nice to stand in front of my wardrobe each morning and think ‘I don’t know what to wear’ – because I like it all! Thanks for everything.”

“I feel like me – but better.”

“I love all my new stuff – feel attractive and feminine and confident so thank you. And husband keeps saying ‘you look nice’ in a very surprised way.”