Wardrobe editing: As well as seasonal updates (so clothes are weather-proof and relevant), peoples wardrobes also need updating to reflect who they are now. We see what works, remove what doesn’t, create new looks and organise the clothes in such a way that dressing becomes effortless and joyful. I identify any key pieces that you might be missing and recommend the designers, brands, shapes and colours that will work for you.

Personal shopping: Shopping with an expert saves time and encourages you to try new places & styles. It also means you know exactly how to wear your new item and avoid costly mistakes. I do an edit before we meet, so that clothes are already set aside for you to try. Alternatively I can shop for you on approval, where I select pieces to send to your home/office/hotel.

Gift sourcing: For those short on time or needing inspiring gift ideas, I suggest and source original and inspiring gifts (not just clothes) for the special recipient. Or give someone the gift of a styling or shopping session.

Book an initial conversation to find out how personal styling can help you. Or contact me for an appointment.